Car Seats

Leather Repair for Car Seats

Leather Car Seats often show signs of wear in the areas rubbed by the seat belt.

This is the area known as the bolster.





This can be rectified before the wear becomes a permanent tear, or hole in the seat.

When the bare leather is exposed the deterioration is accelerated, and and dirt soaking into the unprotected leather can never be successfully removed.

The driver’s seat pad creases will become ingrained with dirt and grease and lose all the dye leaving exposed bare leather.

This problem can be checked by professional cleaning and leather care.

The bare leather can be re-dyed before the creases become tears and holes.

Seek the help of a professional leather restorer.

Colour loss caused by body sweat and rubbing can also be replaced.

The sooner this is done the better before the problem becomes too serious.

Leather cleaning and leather restoration services restore your leather and ensure that it is looking its best.





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