Leather Recolouring

From replacement of faded colours, loss of top coat dye or complete colour change; we accommodate your leather restoring needs.

Below are examples of the incredible leather recolouring and leather restoration that can be achieved.

Once we have restored your leather we will discuss leather cleaning services and leather maintenance to ensure that your leather remains clean and that you get the most from your furniture.

Most peolple assume that their leather is either ruined or past repair; contact Ian to discuss your leather care options on 07966 203040.

Sun Faded Dye Colour on Leather Chair:


Loss of top coat dye by hair products:


Loss of colour by incorrect cleaning:



Loss of colour through wear:



Full Re-colour:

Colour change:

A complete change of colour was requested for this footstool, when the matching sofas were moved into the conservatory. The new sofas were put in the lounge and it was required to match them.

Leather Repair Staffordshire Leather Staffordshire


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