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Staffordshire Leather Care Welcomes You

By leatheri On June 29, 2012 No Comments

Leather Cleaning and Leather Repair Staffordshire/ East Shropshire

Serving Staffordshire and East Shropshire, including all major towns such as: Stafford, Stone, Stoke, Rugeley, Cannock,  Penkridge, Codsall, Uttoxeter, Burton on Trent, Albrighton, Newport, Telford, Market Drayton and all associated villages in between.  The services include:

Leather Cleaning      Leather Care Advice     Leather Scuff Repair

Leather Re-Dye / Re-Colour           Faded Leather Restored

Dog & Cat Scratches Repaired      Leather Car Seats Renovated












Leather care is a much misunderstood phrase. Many people are led to believe that leather furniture for instance, requires little or no maintenance whatsoever. There is little, or indeed no truth, in statements such as “it only needs a quick wipe over” .

Information is sadly lacking, as to the amount and type, of care required, to not only enhance the look of, but also prolong the life of; what can be a very expensive purchase for the household.

This site will give you an idea of the problems that can occur without proper care or indeed with improper care. Look around the various pages to see what can be achieved to overcome these.

We have tackled leather car seat belt wear, in Stafford and Telford, and restored them, to both a pleasingly aesthetic and durable finish. Another day will see us in carrying out a full leather re-dye in Cannock,  or a  full leather re-colour in Stoke or Stafford, often the result of sunlight fading or drying out.

When people try to clean leather, themselves it can often result in a disappointing result, or worse still damage to the finish. There are several instances recorded of leather sofas with colour lossand the steps taken to rectify this.

Scratches caused by pets are common jobs encountered, there are jobs recorded such as dog scratches to leather chairs resulting in leather repair in Codsall Staffordshire and also cat scratches repaired in Burton on Trent.

As you should by now, be aware there is a lot of misfortune that can befall leather furniture. Some of it is not misfortune, but lack of care through lack of knowledge, that however can be altered. We can not only restore leather for you, throughout Staffordshire and east Shropshire, but also give you advice for it’s ongoing care thereafter.

Find out more about our comprehensive leather cleaning services by calling Ian on 07966 203040 or e-mail: info@staffordshireleathercare.co.uk





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